In your down time, Sen. McCain...

….this is a good opportunity to figure out how to show Americans the clear differences between you and Sen. Barack Obama.

Neil Cavuto has some good suggestions for you, starting with just being comfortable with who you are.

Tip one: Embrace your inner fuddy duddy. Face it, you’re
not hip or cool, or even a snazzy dresser. But you know what, senator?
Neither was bill gates in school. And he did ok.

Tip two: Don’t make your age the issue, make his age the issue.
You’re the one with the experience. Tell him he reminds you of the kid
who was barely six years old when you got captured by the North
Vietnamese and thrown in a prison. Oh, wait, he was! 

Tip three: Don’t hide your temper. Show it. Apparently,
when you explode, it’s a beaut. I think it shows your passion. And
people respect passion. And who cares if they think it’s nutty. I’ll
tell you what, dictators ain’t exactly the Rock of Gibraltar. Nuts
respect tempers. Winston Churchill had a huge temper, and it didn’t
hurt him any!

Good advice here.

Tip four: In the debates, shake your head. Don’t say
anything. Just shake your head. I’m telling you, senator, younger guys
get nervous when older guys shake their heads at them. My dad did it
all the time. Stopped me cold.

We can all relate. He’s right!

Tip five: Tap your inner Bob Newhart. You’re very funny.
I love that, “I’m older than dirt” line, and got the scars to prove it.
Man, that’s better than Bob! And need I remind you, old Bob had two
very long-running successful TV shows.

McCain is practicing, with all those appearances on late night comedy shows.

There you go, senator. Be yourself, sweater vest and all.

Concede the “dashing good looks charisma thing to Obama,” let folks know you’re built for comfort.

Better advice than those high-priced strategists devise, no doubt. At least more sensible.

As for Sen. Obama, everyone’s already giving him advice about Sen. Clinton. Cavuto will have his own set of tips for him Monday.

One for everybody is…keep your sense of humor. You’re going to need it.


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