Information doesn't work for them

Planned Parenthood is trying to silence the former director of one
of its clinics who quit the business after watching in horror an
abortion through ultrasound. It showed the gruesome truth of what the
‘procedure’ actually does, and Abby Johnson was mortified. I heard her
on the ‘Huckabee’ show last evening recalling the sight of the
obviously well formed, living baby in the womb defensively trying to
move away from the ultrasound probe that threatened - and finally ended
- the little life. She was stunned and horrified by what she was
witnessing, never having associated the terminology of the business
(’fetus’, ‘blob of tissue’, ‘choice’) with the reality of killing
babies as they lay in their mother’s womb.

She had to leave and did, and Johnson has been speaking up about the
distortions in the abortion industry and their inclination toward
performing as many abortions as possible (as opposed to ‘pregnancy
prevention’) because “that’s where the money is”. Many clinic workers
presumably don’t make the connection Johnson did because, as she
explained on ‘Huckabee’, most abortions aren’t performed with an
ultrasound. Which is why, Johnson said, Planned Parenthood and others
fight so hard against having ultrasounds around, or allowing women
access to thorough knowledge and information about their pregnancy and
what will happen when it’s terminated. “This is what the abortion
industry does not want those women to see,” said Johnson.

They also don’t want Johnson talking about it, so they’re urgently trying to silence her.

Now, Planned Parenthood officials have hit both Johnson
and the Coalition for Life with restraining orders requiring them not
to disclose information about the abortions done at its facility.

They don’t want Johnson to release any records or confidential
information from her eight-year stint at the Planned Parenthood
abortion business, even though she has already told media outlets she
will not do so.

District Judge J.D. Langley signed the request for a temporary
injunction on Friday and a followup hearing is scheduled for November
10. The injunction prevents Johnson from releasing any information she
obtained from Planned Parenthood — at least until the hearing.

Coalition Director Shawn Carney called Planned Parenthood’s actions
unnecessary and an overreaction and said there is no effort to release
confidential records…

“I didn’t provide any because I don’t have any,” she said….

Johnson has also said she was told to bring in more women for
abortions — something that contradicted her Episcopalian upbringing.

“I feel so pure in heart (since leaving). I don’t have this guilt, I
don’t have this burden on me anymore that’s how I know this conversion
was a spiritual conversion,” she said.

Johnson said she will now work with the Coalition For Life and has
been meeting with Carney and been seen outside the Planned Parenthood
helping women find alternatives.

After all, isn’t it supposed to be all about choice?


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