Inside the UN

The United Nations probably enjoys a public approval rating somewhere near or below that of the US Congress.

Not that they’re not doing some good work. But the Distracted Salvadoran looked inside the UN, assuming good intentions.

What I found will be of interest to many and of worry to most.

The UN is the one place where the powers of a nations executive
branch go the most unchecked, so all that your president cannot do
because of obvious constraints in domestic policies he is at full
liberty to promote at the UN for other nations of the world to enjoy or
suffer. Usually the nations enjoying presidential decrees in the form
of UN resolutions are the developed nations with the developing nations
suffering the consequences of most of them.

The recipients of UNICEF, UNESCO, and other aid to nations, tied to
an agenda set by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who wield the
most power at the UN.

It will interest many who are concerned with the plight
of the poor, those who continual[ly] contribute to charities, that part
of what they give goes to programmes that have clearly not worked
because of the misguided resolutions accepted without reservation by UN
delegates from the civil society groups that they prefer.

The NGOs.

They are misguided resolutions because they usually do
not address the entirety of the problem, such as the need for clean
water in the prevention of maternal death due to infections after
childbirth, but rather focus on providing tubal ligations, indifferent
to these womens preferences, indifferent to what is causing the most
deaths, and indifferent to tested programmes of primary health care and
provision of clean water, instead of unasked for tubal ligations, in
places such as Venezuela that have managed to have maternal deaths.

Watchdog groups have tried to call attention to these attempts to
tie contraception and abortion to international relief, but they are
largely ignored.

One such group…is the World Youth Alliance,,
that was founded just 10 years ago by a young woman concerned with the
bent UN policies were taking. Ten years on, this coalition of young
people continues to struggle for policies that address the totality of
the problem and centre on the inherent dignity of the human person. Ten
years on, this continues to be an ignored topic by those that hold
weight at the UN in detriment to most countries in Africa, Latin
America and South East Asia that clamour for juster policies and
financing that address the real problems they face.

Check out the video there, of the WYA representative. It’s from

one of their statements at a recent Conference at the
UN, it is interesting to see how logic and full of common sense it is
and ironic to consider that none of their common sense references made
it past the proposal stage.

The World Youth Alliance deserves to be heard. They will not only inherit the problems, they’ll be responsible for the solutions. They’ve got ideas now.


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