Siri cannot locate abortion clinics

The latest iPhone upgrade, Siri, has been lauded as a great piece of modern technology. Ask it anything and Siri can find you the best pizza joint in the area, the cheapest gas station and where to buy a great pair of jeans. But now it has people up in arms because Siri won’t locate the nearest abortion clinic. And in fact, the application sometimes, does exactly the opposite, finding pro-life resource centers instead.
The technology works in such a way to answer users questions by scanning websites for the searched key words. Since many abortion clinics do not classify themselves using those words, opting instead for less obvious alternatives, it is not possible for Siri to find the clinics users are looking for. Although a similar Google search will render a number of local clinics, Siri will not.
To learn more, you can read this blog post on Live Action’s website.


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