Is it about 'choice', or not?

Or only if the choice is abortion.

A Canadian Conservative MP issued a provocative challenge to the aggressive abortion movement.

“As a compassionate, caring, progressive society, we
should provide the kind of support and options for the expectant
mother, so that she doesn’t feel her only choice is to choose death for
her offspring,” said Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott in a
hard-hitting press release issued last week. “To put women in that kind
of position is not the hallmark of a caring, compassionate, progressive
society. That’s providing ‘no choice.’”

He really took them on, with both passion and reason.

Vellacott also accused Reisner of “being disingenuous -
at best - when she claims that the limited access to abortion in
Saskatoon will lead to a ‘higher rate of infections, complications and
deaths.’” He pointed out that the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, once
America’s most prominent abortionist, after becoming pro-life, admitted
that he and others fabricated their huge figures of 5,000-10,000
potentially deadly “back alley” abortions per year and kept repeating
these fabricated numbers until the media unquestioningly reported them.

Vellacott said, “The intelligent women of today are owed a full and
complete disclosure of information on the life changing abortion
effects and long-term harms. Women are done a great disservice and are
not treated with equality when there is not a fully informed consent.”

“When women look beyond those pushing abortion, they discover that
there are more services available today to women facing crisis
pregnancies, so that they don’t have to feel trapped into killing their
unborn child. We need to provide the compassionate, caring support for
women and their pre-born children at such a vulnerable time, so that
someday, abortion is a very rare thing in our country,” added Vellacott.

Vellacott concluded, “We should be doing so much more for women in
this regard so they don’t feel backed into a corner and coerced. As a
caring, compassionate, progressive society, we should provide the kind
of supports so that they have real choice, so they can do the
instinctive thing - so they can choose life.”

After all, that’s the other choice.


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