Is recreational marijuana safe?

Ohio recently became the 24th state in the US to legalise recreational cannabis. When the law goes into effect, a majority of Americans will be living in a jurisdiction where marijuana use is legal. According to the Financial Times, the growing popularity of pot is even affecting politics. Democrats see it as vote-getter, like abortion; Republicans are becoming less adverse to it. But is it as harmless as its supporters say? This video from PragerU says No.


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  • David Page
    commented 2024-02-19 19:29:12 +1100
    Whether or not it is safe is almost irrelevant. What needs to be considered is the damage the marijuana laws have done to the greater society. A felony conviction, especially if one is black, make it difficult to find employment. So these poor souls become a burden on society. And then there is the cost of incarceration; about $125,000 per person per year. How is that better than therapy? It never made any sense.
  • Marty Hayden
    commented 2023-12-07 05:22:41 +1100
    The legalization of pot was a huge mistake. Americans don’t need anything else to make them stupid. My own kids say if it’s legal how can it be that bad? It’s not bad, I tell them, it’s just far from being good. Don’t get me wrong, for every horror story associated with weed there is one redemption story. Unless you have a problem you are trying to medicate, you should not smoke weed. Or you may very well develop a problem. And if your ‘problem’ is life, well, there are other drugs for that. Like prayer, for example. No side effects.
  • mrscracker
    The short answer is “No.” c
    Cannabis products sold today are not the same thing as the marijuana consumed in previous decades. It’s been hybridized to be much, much more potent.
    Legalization’s created a huge industry & there’s little financial incentive to be transparent about marijuana’s effect on mental health & its connection to the onset of psychosis in vulnerable young people.

    Every narcotic has risks attached but cannabis seems to be the only one where that’s being denied. Making every little thing illegal shouldn’t be the goal but we should be honest about every risk consumers take. That goes for alcohol too.