Is this a joke?

news release came in this morning about a flare-up in British
parliament over…among other things….the opinion of a Miss USA pageant

The Christian Peoples Alliance reports (no link):

The Leader of the Conservatives, David Cameron MP, is
being urged to disassociate himself from remarks made last night on the
BBC about marriage by fellow shadow cabinet member, Alan Duncan MP. The
call has been made by former Tory parliamentary candidate and NEC
member, Sid Cordle, following a broadcast of “Have I Got News for You”.
Alan Duncan – the Shadow Leader of the House - told the audience “If
you read that Miss California has been murdered then you’ll know it’s
me.”  His outburst was caused by a news report that the runner-up at
the Miss USA beauty, Carrie Prejean - said she believed that “a
marriage should be between a man and a woman”.

Whether said in cynical jest or in a fit of uncontrolled anger, this
is unacceptable in civil discourse….much less in the media by a member
of parliament. One Conservative Party member quickly responded:

“This man is on the Conservative Front Bench and it is
clear from the context of his remarks that this was not light banter.
We are told the Conservatives are the party of law and order and
marriage and the family.  We urgently need to hear from David Cameron
that he condemns this statement. Silence is not good enough when the
opinion is expressed that death is appropriate for someone who believes
that gay marriage is wrong.”….

“It is clear that Alan Duncan thinks fear will stop the orthodox
views of the many being aired on these issues. These sorts of remarks
have no place in a democratic society.  David Cameron has been
condemning the increasing threats to free speech from this Labour
Government.  Now he has to tell us where he stands.”…

Does he or does he not believe in the traditional family? Does he or
does he not believe in peoples rights to express their views openly on
moral issues without threats?”

We’re at the point in our democratic societies where asking
such direct questions and answering them with clarity and conviction
have become radical departures.


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