Is this the way to win?

Apparently, Hillary Clinton thinks so.

Sen. Hillary Clinton on Thursday sharpened her attacks
on Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama as she faces what even her
supporters admit are must-win situations in Texas and Ohio in the weeks

Right from that lead, you know it’s another stragegic application of
what the different camps call ‘compare/contrast’ campaigning.

Americans really don’t like this.

How about….tell the people who you are, what you believe in, what
you plan to do for this nation in economic, domestic and foreign
policy, and what your views are on the Constitution, and see if we
trust you more in comparison with the other candidates?

After more wearisome attacks and accusations from Sen. Clinton, the Obama camp said something wise and not rhetorical.

Reacting to Clinton’s charges, Obama spokesman Bill
Burton said his candidate “doesn’t need any lectures on special
interests from the candidate who’s taken more money from Washington
lobbyists than any Republican running for president.”

“Sen. Clinton may have said that attacks and distortions are the
‘fun’ and ‘exciting’ part of the campaign, but they’re exactly what
everyone else in America is tired of,” Burton said. 


Let the campaign be about ideas. Please.


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