It wasn't the cause that changed

It’s the politics of Honduras, the region, and powerful leaders like the US president.

The reality in Honduras, from an involved cardinal in the heart of it:

Noting parallels between the political situation in
Honduras and the series of events that transformed Venezuela into the
shadow of a democracy that it was, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga
of Tegucigalpa is warning that his nation may be heading towards a
Venezuelan-style regime.

“The reality in Honduras is, there is a constitution here,” he said,
defending the constitutional removal of former President Manuel Zelaya
from office in June. “Everything was done according to our laws, our
constitution.” Implicitly rebuking the Obama administration, he added,
“But the rest of the world wants to think of things as they want it
done. And this is the problem.”

The prelate– who is known for his devotion to the poor and serves as
president of Caritas Internationalis– joked, “I was accused of being a
liberation theologian, and now I am accused of being a coup plotter.”

“I am the same person,” he continued. “I have not changed, but it all depends upon the sunglasses people have.”

Pope Benedict asked them to see their way clearly to authentic democracy. Which the people of Honduras thought they achieved, constitutionally, a few months ago.

The media are getting this wrong, when they pay any attention at all.


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