It's a murder ring by another name

The Death With Dignity movement is trying to fast-track assisted suicide laws through the states.

Final Exit is sidestepping the legal process. And the law.

A wide-ranging investigation into an alleged suicide
assistance ring led to charges against four people and raids in nine
states as authorities looked into how many deaths might have been

Four members of the Final Exit Network were charged Wednesday with
helping a 58-year-old Georgia man end his life by inhaling helium. The
group assigns those seeking to end their lives a guide who instructs
them to purchase two new helium tanks and a hood, known as an “exit
bag,” the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

It wasn’t immediately clear how many deaths were being investigated
by law enforcement agencies that include the FBI, but authorities in
Arizona were looking into whether a death there involved the group.

This is criminal, no matter how they try to dress up killing with words like ‘compassion’, ‘dignity’, mercy. This is Orwellian.

“When they choose to exit, as we call it, we just hold
their hand. That’s about it,” said Jerry Dincin, who’s also a clinical
psychologist in Chicago.

That’s not about it. He’s a clinical psychologist?!

This is sinister. It’s an alarming violation of human dignity and
the sanctity of life. People who suffer nothing more terminal than
depression are able to kill themselves with the help of those with the
audacity to play God. And when this creeping movement convinces more
people that this is all so nice and peaceful and self-controlled, we’re
all in danger. This is mass deception quickly turning into mass murder.

That’s about it.

(HT: Wendy Weise)


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