It's all about abortion

Abortion is the new civil rights movement, and people who believe in the sanctity of all human life and understand the centrality of human dignity to the making of all social policy are walking the same walk Dr. Martin Luther King, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus and armies of human rights activists did to protect the class of people who had been denied rights for so long in this country by virtue of race.

The pro-life/pro-abortion battle is the same, only the class of humans has slightly changed. The small, young, vulnerable pre-born human babies who are already in existence in their mother’s wombs, who are whole and entire and unique and unrepeatable, who are both genders and all races, are denied any human rights if they are deemed inconvenient or unwanted or threatening in some way.

Okay, we know this. Sort of. But to the highest levels of power in this nation (not to mention the many others that have rendered abortion legal), it’s still like ‘The Emperor’s Clothes’……they make up false stories that replace truth, and then choose to believe those false stories….and then eventually are convinced that what they believe is fully true. And then they fight to hold onto what they’ve gained by spreading those stories.

Which brings us to the heat of the moment in Congress.

White House officials and House Democratic leaders worked furiously on Saturday to secure the votes needed to pass landmark health care legislation, with the outcome riding on a small group of lawmakers who want the bill to include tighter limits on insurance coverage for abortions.

Actually, in clearer words, what those lawmakers want is for health care reform legislation to explicitly exclude any federal funding for abortion procedures by any means. Which is merely trying to protect the longstanding Hyde Amendment.

Members of Congress have been debating and lobbying for and arguing over many particular concerns they have on things like the budget and the cost and taxes and the insurance industry and Medicare and Medicaid and voting procedures, and so on.

But the fight of abortion overshadowed every other aspect of the debate.

As of this writing, it’s unresolved. But not looking good for the greatest concern of the pro-life legislators. Which is that abortion is not health care. To say the very least.


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