Keep voting until it's 'yes'

Though Ireland’s vote last summer on the Lisbon Treaty was supposed to be definitive, it didn’t go the way the Eurocratic elites counted on to advance their agenda for a post-democratic, post-Christian European Union. 

So they forced another vote. It happens this Friday, October 2. Declan Ganley proudly recalls that the Irish saved civilization before, and declares
it’s time to do it again. That’s not exactly hyperbole, considering the stakes of such a takeover of Europe by a powerful group of unaccountable
radicals. They know the battle well, prepared for activist courts
trying to take self-determination away from the people.

A suit brought by an Irish abortion lobby group to
demand that the Republic of Ireland drop its legal protections for
unborn children will be heard in the European Court of Human Rights.
The Ireland Family Planning Association (IFPA) has been told today by
the Court that the case, first launched three years ago, will go ahead.

The action in the European Court was brought by the IFPA, a member
of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, as only one aspect
of a larger legal and lobbying attack on Ireland’s constitutional
protections for unborn children…

The IFPA believes that a ruling from the European Court will force
Dublin lawmakers to change laws, enshrined in the constitution,
recognising the rights of the unborn to life.

In the lead up to the October 2 election, European Union’s actions against Lithuania for its own self-determining laws to protect family values portend another showdown in Ireland.

“The European Parliament has today voted to instruct its
Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) to review a new law recently passed in
Lithuania,” he explained. ” The European Parliament has been spurred to
this attempt to extend its sphere of influence by the Lithuanian
Parliament’s move, which has not yet come into force, but which seeks
to stop minority sexual groups seeking to influence children.”

For goodness sake….They are trying to protect their children and uphold the sanctity and integrity of the family.

The British pro-life advocate said this isn’t the first time the EU has cracked down on nations that advance pro-life policies.

“The FRA is the direct successor of the body which attacked Slovakia
for seeking to protect the right of conscientious objection of pro-life
doctors and nurses,” he said. “Since it has such a strong pro-abortion
track record, we are concerned that the next target will be one of
those countries such as Malta or Ireland, that uphold the right to life
of the child before birth.”

“What is so deeply disturbing is that, firstly, an unelected Agency
is being used to interfere in issues beyond the Parliament’s
competence, and secondly, that that Agency seems to oppose foundational
rights like the right to life of the unborn, freedom of conscience and
parental rights,” he said.

Buckley added: “On October 2, the Irish republic is being asked to
vote again on the Lisbon Treaty. Today’s motion is a timely warning
which gives powerful ammunition to opponents of Lisbon.”

How to capture the lunacy behind what Declan Ganley merely calls ‘legal sleight of hand’? This WSJ op-ed piece does it artfully.

The Mad Hatter told Alice that “words mean what you want
them to mean.” He would have been at home in the European Union, where
“no” means “yes” and political propaganda is passed off as information.
If Ireland votes No to the Lisbon Treaty, the EU will continue and
Ireland will be part of it, but if they vote Yes the Irish will find
they have even less leverage in Europe than today…

This is but part of a wider piece of propaganda, namely that the EU
is responsible for Ireland’s economic resurgence and a No vote will put
this at risk…

Leonard Shapiro wrote of Soviet Russia that “the true object of
propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce
a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of
unorthodox thought reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.” Within the
EU nomenklatura, dissonant voices are not tolerated. But Ireland should
have the confidence to challenge the prevailing consensus that a No
vote would be bad for the economy, because it’s bunk.

In other words, a No vote - again - is well in order.


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