Keeping watch

During the presidential race, Barack Obama made a great deal of promises. To everyone.

His supporters are worried that he won’t follow through on the
extremely liberal ones. Those who did not vote for him are worried that
he will. Grassroots activists on both sides of the cultural divide are
engaged and mobilized to impact social policymaking.

Some scholars and intellectuals have launched a new project to watch the political process and hold people accountable. It’s the logical, responsible thing to do. Of course, the mastermind behind it is Princeton Professor Robert George.

Some Catholics and Evangelicals in the pro-life
community made a significant wager based on Barack Obama’s promise to
reduce abortions during the last election, a bet that Princeton
philosophy of law professor Robert George is convinced was “foolish.”
In order to document the outcome of this gamble, regardless of the
results, George and some of his colleagues have launched…

“In the run-up to the presidential election of November 2008, a
small number of outspoken Catholic and Evangelical intellectuals and
activists were pushing the idea that it was legitimate to vote for
Barack Obama and other pro-abortion liberal candidates, not despite the
likely impact of their policies on abortion, but because of the likely
impact of their policies on abortion.”

Professor George summed up their reasoning as ignoring the anti-life
voting record of the candidates and voting for them because of their
economic policies, which would be “so enlightened” that they would
reduce poverty, the main cause of abortion, according to these scholars.

“Paradoxically,” said George, “their argument was that voting for
the explicitly so called pro-choice candidates was the pro-life thing
to do.”

Saying that this argument struck him as “not only as paradoxical but
as foolish,” the professor told CNA that he resolved to create a
website after the election to track the decisions of the Obama
Administration on the issues of “the sanctity of human life and the
defense of the institution of marriage.”

So is dedicated to holding everyone in the debate accountable. Somebody’s got to do it, and these are the best people for the mission.

Our project is offered in a constructive spirit, not one
of vilification.  Our goal is to help ensure that never again will good
intentions conspire with shoddy reasoning and wishful thinking to
compromise the rights of the weakest and most vulnerable members of our
community and to undermine the institution of marriage. And so in a
sincere spirit of friendship, we invite those Catholics and
Evangelicals who joined with Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion
Rights Action League, and similar organizations in supporting Obama to
join us now in repelling the attacks that will be launched against life
and marriage by this administration.

George told CNA:

“We are going to look at what actually happens when a
liberal pro-abortion president and a liberal pro-abortion Congress are
voted into office.”

“Despite my view that the argument was foolish, if it turns out that
I’m wrong, and they were right; if I was foolish to think they were
being foolish, I will be held accountable by this website.”

The website is going to publish facts and analysis, George stated.

“It’s going to publish the facts about what happens when abortion is
extended, when it’s paid for with public dollars, when laws requiring
parental notification for minors who are contemplating abortions or
informed consent laws are wiped out…we’ll be able to see the impact

To what end?

“The goal is to make sure, going forward, -that people in our movement do not repeat mistakes we have made in the past.”

It’s about time.


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