Kim Kardashian's wedding and the expectation of a princess-style wedding

This week while at the gym I caught the end of a two-hour special on the wedding of Kim Kardashian. The 30-year-old reality TV star was marrying former basketball player Kris Humphries in an extravagant ceremony in California. The show chronicled the days before the big event and all the drama that took place as they tried to figure out table arrangements, the feasibility of Kim changing her last name and a guest list that was 150 people over the space capacity. And of course through all of that there were dress fittings, elaborate parties and the bickering that makes people tune into the show week after week.
While I watched the wedding unfold I couldn’t help but think this has disaster written all over it. Disaster for the couple but more so disaster for the average girl who watches the ceremony and suddenly has wedding aspirations of princess proportions.
No expense was spared from this event and money certainly was not holding her back from what she wanted. For example. Kim had three wedding dresses. One she wore for the wedding ceremony – puffy and princess cut. One she wore for the beginning of the reception – mermaid cut with a long embellished train. And one she wore for the second half of the reception – 50s pin-up girl inspired. And that was only the beginning of the whole extravaganza. Every little detail was customized and high class. I have three friends currently planning their weddings for next spring. Each one has dreams of what the day will look like. Some details they have been planning since childhood, others are new dreams. But when the planning actually moves into the practical stage, each of them has seen that not every hope can be realized. And better yet, the significance of the event and the meaning of it will not be found in the color of the tablecloths or the shape of the wedding cake.
It’s a shame that so often brides, and grooms, get more caught up in the little details than in the meaning behind their actions. If only, through all the debate and decisions, they could each remember that marriage is about tying yourself to a single person for the rest of your life for love.
Thankfully at the end of the wedding show, Kim does admit that she needs to stop fretting about the details and focus on what it’s supposed to be about – her love for Kris. The trouble is, the message is hard to hear amidst of two hours of programming that seem to negate that very claim.


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