Let’s clarify where we stand, says Obama

He’s plenty ticked that the Clintons are floating the idea of Obama as VP.

In a fiery rebuttal to suggestions emerging over the
past week, Barack Obama on Monday shot down suggestions he become
Hillary Clinton’s wing man and questioned the logic of those who say he
is prepared for the vice presidency but not to be president.

Understandable, given his standings throughout the primaries.

“I am not running for vice president, I am running for
president of the United States of America. I am running to be commander
in chief,” Obama boomed to applause. “I don’t know how somebody in
second place is offering vice president to the person in first place.”

But, Sen. Obama, you know it’s not based on logic. It’s strategy. Clinton strategy.

Clinton began talking up the idea of a “dream ticket”
last week when she suggested that maybe one day voters will have a
chance to elect both her and Obama at the same time. The notion of a
dream ticket was forwarded again by Bill Clinton over the weekend while
campaigning on his wife’s behalf in Mississippi.

Everyone knows that. But it’s interesting what you revealed in your response.

“I do not believe Senator Clinton is about change,” he
added, “because in fact this kind of gamesmanship — talking about being
vice president, maybe he’s maybe not ready for commander in chief —
that is exactly the kind of double speak, double talk that Washington
is very good at, that people who spend a long time in Washington have a
lot of experience at, but is not going to solve the problems of the

Clever, to address the experience issue like that. You’re a
Washington insider, too, but with admittedly little experience. Why not
turn that into an asset. But then you stumble…

Have I been clear? I want to make sure I’m clear to everybody.”

No, you have been anything - everything - but clear. Since you express such a desire to be clear, let’s take you for your word.

Explain this. And this. And we’d really like clarity on this.


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