LGBTQ+ inquisitors pursue doctor in Western Australia

In 1600, the Inquisition condemned Giordano Bruno and burnt him at the stake in the middle of Rome. It’s not clear whether he was executed for his theology or for his cosmology. But he has become an avatar of brave men who dare to speak the truth.

Don’t believe that Italian history can’t repeat itself in Australia today.

In the city of Albany, Western Australia, Dr Thomas Brough works in emergency medicine. Outside of saving lives – irrespective of his patients’ creeds, sexual attractions, criminal records, or cultural backgrounds – he also serves as a local councillor.

This brave and decent man is the latest victim of LGBTQ+ inquisitors. The lobby group Just.Equal has submitted a formal complaint against him to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). An unfavourable outcome could wreck Dr Brough’s career.

But his “crime” had nothing to do with his medical acumen.

Instead, he claimed at a council meeting that people ought to be aware that the “+”in LGBTQIA+ could include paedophiles, or, to use the less inflammatory term, “minor-attracted persons".

The result? Consternation and horror amongst the panjandrums of the gay community.

“There is no correlation between LGBTIQA people and child sex abuse. It is both wrong and harmful for Dr Brough to suggest otherwise,” sputtered Brian Grieg, of Just.Equal, a former senator from Western Australia who was the first LGBTI rights activist in federal parliament. “We have asked AHPRA to investigate within its guidelines of professional standards and public safety.”

But Brough is right, as many of us linked to the LGBTQ+ community know. There are minor-attracted men who use LGBTQ+ settings to identify and lure in minors for their own sexual gratification. Why do you think concerned American members of the queer community took the time to set up a group called Gays Against Groomers?

Councillor Brough made it clear that he is “not interested in what people get up to in the bedroom — it's none of my business.” However, he said, “incorporation of people who are adults sexually attracted to children, minor-attracted persons, is a cause for concern if you're adding them into a coalition."

He is right. I know this from personal experience. In the 1980s, I attended global LGBTQ+ strategy conversations in Europe.

I heard first-hand of paedophilia being mentioned as an important part of a future coalition. (I had not reached the age of consent at the time and yet I was never refused entry to London’s Lesbian and Gay Centre where I was regularly propositioned sexually by adult gay men.)

Everything else within that strategy is coming true, including the rejection of male and female through ubiquitous gender ideology, so why shouldn’t this tenet of the overall plan not remain true?

Paedophiles keep a low profile for obvious reasons, but academic apologists for paedophilia seem to appear regularly in the news. A couple of years ago, a trustee of a lobby group for young trans people, Mermaids, had to resign after the media discovered that he had spoken at a conference organised by a support group for paedophiles called B4U-ACT. A person named Miranda Galbreath, a member of the peak body for transgender medicine, WPATH, has been exposed as paedophile-adjacent. She described paedophiles as “the most vilified population of folks”, according to the feminist news service Reduxx. In 2022 a professor at State University of New York at Fredonia, Stephen Kershnar, claimed that sex with children could be justified.

I could go on.



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Paedophilia is constantly rebranding itself. First it was “child lover”. Then it was “paedophile”. Then it was “minor-attracted person”. Lately, I’ve heard the term “adult-attracted-minors”.

How can I be so certain about this? Because I often talk to gay men in my home state of Western Australia. Recently one of them mentioned a friend’s full-on sexual engagement with a pre-teenage boy and an early teenage male. I have other examples.

Fellow Albany councillor Lynn MacLaren took Brough to task about his suggestion, saying that “it's just a completely wrong thing to be spreading.”

Has MacLaren ever immersed herself in the LGBTQ+ community, as I have? I think not. Has she ever heard confidential medical consultations, as Dr Brough has? I think not.

As facilitator of a national network for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, I know that sex abuse victims often share their abuse stories with a trusted doctor, revealing some, but very rarely all, details about the perpetrator.

My experience over 30 years inside and adjacent to the LGBTQ+ community tells me that adult-minor sexual activity is not always seen as criminal by the LGBTQ+ crowd.

I know that LGBTQ+ spokespersons will pillory me for these assertions. But perhaps they should explain, in detail, what that “+” means. Will they put their hands on their hearts and swear that it does not and never did include minor-attracted people?

Dr Brough has dared to speak the truth about a dark corner of the LGBTQ+ movement. Like Giordano Bruno, he is being roasted for his convictions. Will we ever learn from history?

James Parker is a former gay activist and abuse survivor who supports people and their loved ones around sexuality, gender and identity.

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  • Paul Bunyan
    commented 2024-05-13 08:12:11 +1000
    Graeme, the bible doesn’t condemn r*pe, let alone child r*pe. It doesn’t even mention an age of consent.

    The foundation of “consenting adults” for LGBTQ rights is enough to demolish your specious assertion.
  • Graeme Thompson
    When we consider that (to my knowledge) there is not one major queer theorist who has not condoned paedophilia, I think it’s pretty self evident that ‘Q’ is code for ‘P’. When we hear of LGBTQ talking of “queering primary education” and “queer kids” (kids that won’t report their sexual abusers) it seems to me as plain as day.
  • James Parker
    commented 2024-03-14 16:27:18 +1100
    Anybody interested might want to watch this very short clip on Instagram about the Drag Queen charged with grooming and abusing children:
  • Steven Meyer
    commented 2024-03-08 12:51:29 +1100
    Paul Bunyan, you are right.

    The LgBqTiA+ community needs to learn from the experience of the Catholic Church.

    The problem was never that some priests turned out to be paedophiles. The vast majority of priests were never paedophiles. This truly was a case of a few bad apples.

    The real problem was the cover-up followed by the attempted cover-up of the cover-up.

    How does this apply to the LgBqTiA+ community?

    The surprise would be if no paedophiles, or other sexual predators, are attempting to infiltrated the LgBqTiA+ community. Where there are children you will find sexual predators.

    LgBqTiA+ community should face up to this reality and take steps to guard against the infiltration of sexual predators.

    Instead they seem to be intent on repeating the mistakes of the Catholic Church.
  • Paul Bunyan
    commented 2024-03-08 11:48:30 +1100
    Considering that no religious texts explicitly forbid child r*pe (none of them even mention an age of consent, or the importance of consent), child r*pe only became a crime because of secular values and a scientific understanding of maturity and development.

    Why was the age of consent under 18 for so long? Because of religion and the injunction of “being fruitful and multiplying.”

    It was basically illegal to be non-religious back in the 18th and 19th centuries, so you certainly can’t blame non-believers for the ludicrously low ages of consent back then.
  • Michael Cook
    published this page in The Latest 2024-03-08 10:28:37 +1100