Listen to the 'experts'

In 1970, CBS Evening News ran a piece on overpopulation. Celebrity anchor Walter Cronkite issued a stern warning in stentorian tones: "Sometime in the next 15 years, the end will come - and by the end, I mean an utter breakdown of the capacity of the planet to support humanity." This was according to “the experts we interviewed,” said Cronkite. 

Back at this time, the US was an industrial powerhouse. The immigration invasion was just gathering steam. “Civil rights” had yet to morph into draconian “diversity” mandates. Americans believed the US was winning the Vietnam War and President Nixon was getting us out. And we believed Walter Cronkite - dubbed by fawning media acolytes as “the most trusted man in America.” We had just fifteen years to avert planetary disaster! The US fertility rate was 2.337.

Then 1985 came and went, and Cronkite’s dire prediction was long forgotten. American media had other fish to fry. The US fertility rate was 1.848, a decline of 20 percent in fifteen years. If that even made the news, nobody cared.

Fast-forward to “woke” world: When the Covid pandemic struck, the “experts” -- those over-eager myrmidons of the managerial regime - were fast upon us. Dr Tony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, relying on a now thoroughly discredited Imperial College Model (predicting 2.2 million American Covid deaths), convinced President Trump to lock down the US economy.

A demographer, via the CBS bullhorn, solemnly warned us that “People are freaking out… We’re not sleeping well. We’re having anxiety dreams. A lot of people are unemployed...” He refers to these problems as “existential angst” and further informs us that “In times of infection, we are really programmed not to go out and have sex with a stranger. Our bodies actually tell us not to go do that.” 

Well, that’s a mouthful. First, poor sleep, anxiety and unemployment are indeed distressing. But are they “existential angst?” The existential dimension of all this is plunging fertility, pure and simple. Should this continue long enough, extinction is a possibility. Second, let’s not leave it solely to our bodies to handle this challenge to our peace of mind. Would it be insufficiently “woke” to mention getting our minds engaged, and considering the moral, ethical or health reasons “not to go out and have sex with a stranger?” Shouldn’t we think about the future of our kind, and understand what history has taught us, that strong families are a buffer to adversity?

Another authority informs us that birth rates are “pro-cyclical,” meaning that in good economic times, they increase, but that people put off having children in times of economic difficulty. In modern times this is indeed the case. Our ancestors were not nearly as vulnerable to this “pro-cyclical” influence on the bearing of children. That is yet another subject to be explored. 

In 2021 comes the CBS headline, “Experts sound the alarm on declining birth rates among younger generations: ‘It's a crisis.’” Almost half of US states showed at least a seven percent decline in births in December, nine months after the Covid lockdown was imposed. A leading OBGYN observed: "We thought, oh, we would see a baby boom. But we just haven't seen it." 

The Brookings Institution predicts "a large, lasting baby bust" with at least 300,000 fewer American children born this year than last. Thus far, no Covid baby boom is evident.

Bottom line: there is a Covid baby bust. So many “experts” do well at predicting the present, but are a little shaky on ferreting out the future.

USC Professor Dowell Myers called the decline in births “a barometer of despair.” He attributed this to "the burdens of life," which in his opinion have increased mightily of late.

The good professor nailed it about the “barometer of despair.” I’ve seen it firsthand. Anomie has taken hold here in the USA. A demoralised people is not a healthy one that encourages strong growing families. This has come to us through media, education, entertainment brainwashing... The so-called experts tell us, day in and day out, that our country is suffused in hate and racism, that our Founders were corrupt slaveholders, and that our society is divided between oppressed and oppressors. It is all politically correct bunk. Lies.

The good news? People are finally tired of hearing it. They are waking up. The sleeping giant – that long dormant American sprit – is awakening. And when the magnitude of this gargantuan globalist hornswoggle is fully revealed, a different kind of “woke” will materialize, and Katy bar the door - we will witness things no “expert” can fathom. 

Just you wait. 


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