Little insights into their judgments

What the presidential candidates say and how they campaign tell us how they see things.

Sometimes, it doesn’t exactly square with what they’ve said before.

Senator John McCain, as recently reported and discussed
here and on The Corner, has said privately that he would not appoint
jurists like Justice Samuel Alito, because he “wears his conservatism
on his sleeve.”

To refresh recollections:  many of Justice Alito’s former law
clerks, fellow Article III judges, and others — a good number of whom
were liberal Democrats — testified during his Senate confirmation to
the exact opposite proposition:  that Justice Alito did not wear any
political ideology or convictions “on his sleeve.”

They’ve got the goods there, insights of those who know and have no
reason to embellish. So, what does that say about McCain, conservatism,
and potential nominations he would raise for the Supreme Court?

And then there’s the current campaign commercial Sen. Hillary Clinton is running that’s getting attention because it’s so alarming. It shows a guy in
freefall (which is what the spot is called) hurtling to earth, with a
voiceover scaring listeners into thinking that’s them….on health care,
the economy, unemployment, life in general right now, plunging downward
to eventual crash.

She what does this say about Clinton’s idea of motivation?


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