Meanwhile....what's John McCain doing?

Anybody know?

You have to search for coverage. Here’s an interesting piece. It actually analyzes an issue.

Fellow Americans, choose your revolution. One way or
another, we’re getting a new health-care system. The old one is
obviously broken. The U.S. now has 47 million uninsured, and costs are
out of control…

The crisis has gotten so severe that fixing the system is no longer
a partisan issue. Everyone understands that something has to change,
and fast. In this presidential race, both sides are proposing radical
fixes that would totally transform the way health care is delivered and
paid for in America. Both the Democrats and the Republicans embrace the
same goals: John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are all
putting forth ways of making health care affordable for every American
and stopping a disastrous escalation in costs. Both sides also envision
a world where employers play a much smaller role in medical benefits.
The differences, of course, are in the way each candidate intends to
reach those laudable goals.

The two Democratic candidates are virtually indistinguishable from
each other on their plan. McCain has a market-based plan that puts
“decision-making power” in consumers’ hands.

For all its problems, at least it puts the consumer in
charge. Would that create a world where we’re forced to dicker with
heart surgeons? No. It will create a world where health care is treated
as the precious resource that it is, rather than a costless
entitlement; where nationwide competition pushes down the price of
catastrophic care and consumers focus their attention and budgets on
what’s really crucial to their health. That’s an important first step.
The price of health care is never going to get under control until
patients get what they deserve: the right to be customers too.

Okay, it’s not the best. Everyone deserves health care. No one is
talking about the best way to do that without the dire consequences of
universal health care happening in other countries. I’m getting
mail from people worried about that.

They’re also worried that universal health care will mandate abortion services in all hospitals, no exceptions.

That brings up another thing John McCain is doing this week.


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