Media and religion and politics

Those didn’t used to mix in polite conversations, at least the
second two. Now, they’re all intertwined. As they should be, given that
our Constitution and the values of the founders were based on the
Christian belief in God. And that the culture formed around
Judeo-Christian ethics. Society has been ordered around religiously
informed voices in the public square, debating and defending the
‘inalienable rights endowed by our Creator’.

Trouble is, when the ‘conversation’ or debate in the public square
is determined by those who control the major means of social
communications, the ‘talking points’ get skewed and the language is
distorted to shape public opinion.

Thank God for the internet and alternative media these days.

Questions like the ones here at GetReligion get more of a hearing.

You see, it’s almost impossible — in an era defined by
political battles over moral issues like abortion, gay rights and role
of religion in the public square — to say anything about media bias
without including some kind of religion angle.

Of course, plenty of it is just that, an angle that leans a certain way.

First Things looks at these things, and comments on the conclusion some media are making (in general).

So Catholicism is comprised of a small body of
especially devout and conservative believers and a larger body that are
less devout in church attendance and doctrinal adherence, and are also
politically more liberal.

To which a large number of Catholic bishops are coming out in the public square and responding.


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