Media pollution

Pope Benedict asked the Copenhagen summit on climate change to consider another way the air gets dirtied, and we’re all familiar with it.

…the pope said that pollution of society’s moral
environment is as dangerous to the human person as pollution of the
natural environment.

The pontiff said, “Hearts harden and thoughts darken” with a daily
diet of the news media in which “evil is recounted, repeated,
amplified, accustoming us to the most horrible things, making us become
insensitive and, in some way, intoxicating us, because the negative is
not fully disposed of and accumulates day after day.”

It’s corrupting the environment and threatening humanity. Just like
other problems with the climate, this one is tough to tackle. What can
be done?

Well, this problem is different. 

Counter to the anti-population emphasis that often
characterizes environmentalist theories, the pope said that man is the
“apex of God’s creation” and must be protected…

“Not only the natural but also the social environment - the habitat
we fashion for ourselves - has its scars; wounds indicating that
something is amiss,” he said…

“In order to protect nature, it is not enough to intervene with
economic incentives or deterrents,” he wrote. “The decisive issue is
the overall moral tenor of society.”

“If there is a lack of respect for the right to life and to a
natural death, if human conception, gestation and birth are made
artificial, if human embryos are sacrificed to research, the conscience
of society ends up losing the concept of human ecology and, along with
it, that of environmental ecology.”

It’s not only moral, but logical. Man needs to be protected before man-made global warming can be seriously considered.


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