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Did you know that MercatorNet has a family news department called Family Edge? Every week we look for the best news stories on developments affecting the family and post summaries on the Family Edge homepage. At the end of the week we mail you an update with the latest stories. 

Here are some examples of kudos from Family Edge subscribers:

* Family Edge is a brilliant resource for issues and
commentary relevant to
families throughout the world. It is well researched and presented. We value
it greatly. --
Bob McCoskrie,
National Director, Family First, New Zealand

* Culture is all!
If we don't know or have some understanding of what the cultural trends are,
and the "thinking" upon which they are based, we have no
understanding of our kids (and grandkids), schools, churches, nation, or the
world. You help keep me abreast of these trends. Thank you! -- Kenneth Cornelius, Canada

* Thanks for the tremendous updates on the family. I find it useful in my work as a teacher and a pro-family advocate here in Kenya. -- Stephen Karanja, Strathmore School

* As a recent subscriber to Family Edge and Mercatornet I value your input and selection of stories which would be otherwise hard to find. I am an international economist by background and among my current activities I represent a very small pro-life family NGO at the United Nations. Your input is invaluable background. -- Vincenzina Santoro, USA

I work at a professional school of graduate clinical psychology which is attempting to construct a clinically-relevant theory of the person based on the Catholic understanding of the person. I find your updates on the state of culture, ethics, and morals to be very informative. --
Michael J. Donahue, USA

Interested? Click here to view the most recent stories, and here to sign up. 

Best wishes,

Carolyn Moynihan
Family Edge



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