Mormons excel at fashion blogging

Not surprisingly I read a lot of fashion blogs, always with the hope of finding a new one that espouses the same set of values I do – feminine and dignified fashion that is both current and economical. Interestingly enough, lately at least half of the fashion bloggers I come across who seem to know what they are doing and excelling at it are Mormon.

Unlike other religious groups, they tout their religion proudly and without apology on their blogs. Sometimes they talk about their religion and the manifestations it has in their every day life, but mostly they just talk fashion just like every other fashion blogger out there. A good number of them are ‘Outfit of the Day’ bloggers, in which they showcase what they wore that day. All their outfits are modest without being overly prudish or old fashioned.

In addition to giving good fashion example, a number of them are young, happily married and starting families. I find their candor about religion, family and fashion refreshing. They aren’t embarrassed by their faith and interestingly enough, when it comes to fashion blogging their faithe doesn’t impede them from being some of the top bloggers in the field.

I’ve mentioned Elaine from Clothed Much on this blog before. She’s got great style and is probably the best known Mormon fashion blogger out there today. But there is also Sydney from the Daybook and Reachel from Cardigan Empire. They each bring their own voice and fashion inspiration to the field while staying true to their faith. There is a whole network of Mormon Fashion bloggers.WhatI find so interesting about this is that no other religious group, at least that I have seen, has such a network of successful fashion bloggers.

Do you know any bloggers who excel at what they do and also proudly stand by the faith they profess? 

(picture from The Daybook) 



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