Moscow to host first demographic summit in Moscow in June

If there is any country in the world which
ought to know the stupidity of yabbering about over-population, it is Russia.
With a birth rate of about 1.2 and a decline of 6 million people over the  past 20 years (12 million without
immigration), Russia is in trouble. As Prime Minister Vladimir Putin puts it,

"Without exaggeration, the central problem of contemporary Russia is
demography, strengthening the family, [and] increasing the birth rate."

That’s why it is an inspired move to hold the first international demographic
summit in Moscow
on June 29 and 30. According to the organisers, the
World Congress of Families, it is the first time an international pro-life and pro-family
event of this scale will take place in Russia. More than 1,000 participants are
expected, including 300 foreigners, including top demography and family
researchers, scientists and activists, and politicians.

In Russia, demographic decline is
particularly evident, but throughout Europe, East and West, countries are not
reproducing themselves. The conference will cover a number of fascinating
topics, including culturally induced desire for smaller families, voluntary
childlessness, low birthrates and economic decline, problems of an aging
society and alcoholism's negative effects on demography.

It sounds like a fascinating event.


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