Multi-generational families make a comeback

Photo: NCBrian / FlickrThe multi-generational family is making a comeback in the United States as mum, dad, kids and grandparents live under one roof. The number of parents aged 65 and older moving in with adult children increased by 62 per cent between 2000 and 2007, the Census Bureau reports. Those under 65 who did so grew by 75 per cent.

For some families it is a matter of choice; others are driven by higher housing costs and economic need. In still other cases caregiving is the motivating factor. The step can be very positive for all generations, giving older people more to do -- picking up kids from school, some food shopping, cooking once a week -- and a sense of purpose. Children benefit from having a mature adult around with a keen interest in them.

There can be difficulties and it does not always work out, but with hordes of active baby boomers reaching retirement age it could be very enriching for today’s small families. ~ Christian Science Monitor, Oct 27



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