No-family planning

The semantic engineering going on between the United Nations and
International Planned Parenthood is just amazing. They want the public
to think they’re all about rights and family health. But look more

The UN Population Fund is about reducing population by either preventing or eliminating people. And claiming that as a ‘right’.

The new US ambassador for global women’s issues has
assured the UN of the Obama administration’s “deep commitment” to its
blueprint for slowing the population explosion and empowering women.

Population explosion is a myth. And “empowering women” is a chilling disguise for spreading the
profitable abortion industry, which actually devastates women. But some
powerful women are pushing that agenda.

The new secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, recently
told a Planned Parenthood “that reproductive rights and the umbrella
issue of women’s rights and empowerment is going to be a key to the
foreign policy of this administration.” She stressed the link between
women’s rights and democracy.

Remember that story about Eve and the apple?

Anyway, this ‘women’s empowerment’ drive is getting to be a forceful
campaign. It’s now reaching lower and grabbing teens in its network.
No…wait….even lower. There’s no age limit to who gets “sexual rights”.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
recently launched a new petition campaign that aims to pressure
governments to “promote, protect and fulfill their promise to provide
better access to sexual and reproductive health services” for all young
people “regardless of age.” The petition was launched in commemoration
of the fifteenth anniversary of the International Conference on
Population and Development (Cairo, 1994).

The petition promotes the message “Count Me In: Sexual Rights For
All.” “Sexual rights” are not included in the ICPD program of action
that the IPPF petition campaign is centered around.  According to the
official conference report, not only is the term not included in the
ICPD program of action, but it only appears as part of reservations
from countries objecting to any inclusion in the text.  To date, the
term “sexual rights” has never appeared in any binding, negotiated UN
document – attributable to controversy over attempts by some to include
abortion within its definition.

IPPF also lists advocacy objectives that include pressuring
governments “to recognize the right of all young people to make
decisions about their own sexual and reproductive health” and to “build
momentum for universal access to sexual and reproductive health
services around the world.”

IPPF’s new campaign portrays “family planning” as a human right and
emphasizes the need for governments and the international community to
provide resources.

Carry this out demographically, and we’ll see the results of some UNpopulated societies.


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