No surprise we have so many activist judges

Take a look at this little survey of where law professors are sending their political contributions.

Law professors at Harvard, Chicago, the University of
Michigan and Stanford have given 100 percent of their 2008 election
contributions to Democratic candidates. Furthermore, an overview of 17
top law schools shows faculty members have given 95 percent of their
political contributions — more than $1 million — to Sen. Barack Obama.

Kelly Shackelford, chief counsel for the Liberty Legal Institute,
said it’s no coincidence that law schools are producing a growing
number of liberal, activist judges.

“(Elite schools) definitely have an agenda,” he told Family News in
Focus. “It’s a Left-wing agenda — versus having judges who would be on
the court and respect the rule of law (and) would restrain themselves.”

Another reminder that the election, at the zenith of important issues, is about courts and judges.


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