Not funny

“Oh Lord, I’ve been waiting for you…”

That was but one line in a David Letterman skit in which he sent a
pathetic comedy writer out to find something to ridicule Barack Obama
about, in good humor of course.

While the writer is out, searching the Manhattan skyline for
inspiration, looking in deep contemplation at the Statue of Liberty,
sitting on a park bench and staring admiringly at an Obama for
President poster…..the music lyrics carried that line, with
Obama’s face on the screen: “Oh Lord, I’ve been waiting for you.

They say humor works because it’s based on an element of truth. Truth is, Obama is still being adored as a savior. But…

It’s more than that….

A priest in California is outraged at a novelty store’s
large display window of “Saint Obama” candles displaying an image he
says “depicts our beloved saints in a not so saintly way.”

The candles feature President Obama’s head atop the body of St.
Martin de Porres, a Peruvian-born Dominican friar, who became one of
the first black saints in the Americas upon his canonization in 1962.

Rev. Tony La Torre of St. Philip the Apostle Church in San Francisco
says the candles, sold by the Just for Fun store for $15, “mock and
ridicule the Catholic/Christian faith.”

“I am appalled,” La Torre wrote in a recent parish newsletter, “that
in such a family-oriented neighborhood, any retailer would be so
bigoted and so hateful (as) to carry such merchandise just to ‘make a

Just for Fun owners Robert Ramsey and David Eiland, however, say they’ve done more than “make a buck” – they’ve made thousands.

What to say?

Plug in any other group or religion and this is not ‘just for fun’.
It’s not even tolerable. They’re making money on the last remaining
acceptable intolerance in the multicultural/diversity/tolerance
society: Christianity, and especially Catholicisim.

And who is the most polite and tolerant and non-confrontational group in the country? Christians, and especially Catholics.


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