Notre Dame's other controversial speaker

Back in 1984, Governor Mario Cuomo delivered what would become a
very famous (or infamous) speech at the University of Notre
Dame. In it, he challenged Catholic Church teaching on conscience and
abortion. It gave pro-abortion Catholic politicians an out. And set the
pro-life movement back years.

Now, the student group ND Response has invited Cuomo to a debate on “the contents and legacy” of that speech.

In light of the University of Notre Dame’s recent
decision to honor President Obama, who strongly supports abortion
rights, at this Catholic school’s commencement ceremony, Governor
Cuomo’s remarks have been brought under renewed scrutiny. In its
invitation, ND Response informed Governor Cuomo that the coalition
hopes to “provide an opportunity to set the record straight on both the
issues covered in the address and the reputation Governor Cuomo has
garnered over the years as a result of his remarks.”

Aren’t these the very skills of intellectual inquiry and critical
thinking our finest universities are trying to foster? I hope he

Cuomo’s original speech: “Religious Belief and Public Morality”.


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