Obama everywhere

The question has been raised a few times in the news lately….is President Obama trying to do too much too soon?

He is certainly doing much. I have an iGoogle page custom set to
pull current headlines from top news stories on the big media sites
I’ve chosen as well as some favorite blogs and other sites. It’s
updated constantly. Though Obama’s name has been all over that page
lately on the big news of the day, it struck me over the past day that
at a glance, Obama’s name was on more headlines than usual….and all
about different stories.

A sampling:

Obama pushes for Mideast accord

Obama presses Iraqi leader to unite factions 

Obama says world is watching Iran

Obama resists calls for a tougher stance on Iran

Obama Touts Proposed New Financial Regulations

Obama’s Pledge on Donations Faces Reality

Obama may need firmer hand on health care debate

Obama offers split verdict on economy

Obama team looks to colleges for future spies

supporters say he’s aggressively tackling domestic and foreign problems
with the driving ambition they require. His detractors say he’s too
aggressive and ambitious, and by trying to do everything at once is
driving the country toward a nanny state with an enormous government.
One overused joke still going ’round is that the Obama administration has more czars than the Romanovs, and they’re still being added by the week.

And at the end of the day, he cracks up radio and TV correspondents at dinner.

All in a day’s work.


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