Our disappointment is encouraging

A lot of Americans are disgusted by media saturation coverage of the
Tiger Woods scandal and all his alleged mistresses and the loss of at
least some of his endorsement contracts and what all those big
corporations may do if they haven’t bailed out yet, and whether there’s
even more to come out about the man’s stunning fall from grace.

But see, it’s that particular aspect that most matters, for Woods
himself, his wife and children, and all those who held him up in
such celestially high esteem. If there’s to be a public debate instead
of a car crash gawker’s assembly, it should be about the deeper lesson we flawed human beings can learn from this. 

“Among all the buzzwords describing the ‘light speed’
and ‘real-time’ nature of technology these days, few events are driving
home the point better than the Tiger Woods affair, a veritable hole in
one for the Internet’s quick turnaround time,” wrote the Times.

Technology wasn’t exactly the first thing that came to mind for
conservative women, like Alyssa Cordova, a spokeswoman for the Claire
Booth Luce Policy Institute.

“Thank God their children aren’t old enough to totally understand
all of this,” said Cordova. “I’m just disgusted with the complete
disregard Woods has for his family.”

Wendy Wright, the President of Concerned Women for America, said she
thought the mainstream reaction to the Woods ordeal most accurately
reflected the types of attitudes that should be expected out of news
like this.

“Americans recognize how personally damaging it can be to not only
the couple, but to the children, extended family, the society, and
anyone who is associated with them,” said Wright. “I’m encouraged by
the fact that people are disappointed. That his actions are

“In our culture, we’re just bombarded with the messages like that of
his Nike sponsor: ‘just do it.’ And our culture recognizes that kind of
licentious lifestyle is visibly harmful.”

That’s the beginning of the right conversation we should be having about personal virtue and integrity.


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