Peddling death by all means

We aren’t paying enough attention, as a society, to the creeping threat of euthanasia.

Of course there are people and organizations heroically devoted to the dignity and civil rights of all human beings, but the public
generally pays little to no attention to stories (even startling ones)
unless they burst onto the nation’s consciousness because even the
media can’t ignore them eventually. Like the Terri Schiavo ordeal,
which is still largely misunderstood because the complicit
mainstream media misreported it all along (except for one or two big
name news folks).

In my work on ‘America’s Lifeline’,
I’ve come to learn a lot about the insidious marketing of death by
calling it ‘mercy killing’ or even ‘compassion and choices’ and
instructing people where to go to off themselves or how to do it at
home. Which remains illegal….but that doesn’t stop the death squad.

THE outlawed euthanasia manual The Peaceful Pill Handbook will soon be available for download on the internet.

Co-author and euthanasia campaigner Dr Philip Nitschke made a deal with Google Books in the US last week.

Shame on Google Books. Do they want to peddle an agenda, or just
make more money? Either way, they’re complicit in selling death.


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