Pink ribbon campaign

They’re everywhere, you can’t help but notice. The pink ribbons are
so ubiquitous, the campaign to cure breast cancer now so successfully
marketed that even pink bats in Major League Baseball and pink ball
caps or other uniform markings in the National Football League are
enough to cue the viewer that they’re promoting Breast Cancer Awareness
Month. That’s outstanding.

But most Americans aren’t aware of the connection that still exists
between the Susan B. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood. I’ve
chased that rumor down in the past, and it was difficult to find
conclusive details. All parties publicly denied that Komen gives
funding to PP, which really would seem like an odd relationship. And
one that contributors would want to know about. But it’s surfaced
again, and Pro-Life Wisconsin is out with some facts we should know.

“October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Pro-life citizens who are interested in fighting this deadly
disease should be aware that Susan G. Komen for the Cure has a policy
of explicitly allowing its state affiliates to give monetary grants to
abortion-providing facilities…

“Not all state affiliates give grants to Planned Parenthood using
the 75 percent of the funds that they raise in a state. However, each
state affiliate must forward at least 25 percent of funds raised in
their state to the Komen National office. These funds are under the
discretion of a board that refuses to disassociate itself from Planned

In March 2009, the Komen Foundation issued a letter about their
relationship with Planned Parenthood, explaining their position and
addressing concerns. They sound reasonable and comprehensive in
representing their mission and their coverage. They claim that in some
of the poorer areas, women can only obtain screening services through
Planned Parenthood clinics, and state that they’ve been “assured that
Planned Parenthood uses these funds only for breast health education,
screening and treatment programs.” Supporters are asked to accept that
assurance by Planned Parenthood.

But the letter raises a red flag for me when it addresses criticism
that Komen for the Cure’s grants to Planned Parenthood are
inappropriate because of the abortion-breast cancer link, the claim
that women who have had abortions have a higher incidence of breast
cancer. Komen refutes the claim as unsupported and contends there’s “no
conclusive link between breast cancer and induced abortion…”

Not true. They have selectively ignored this evidence for years. In spite of the great work some organizations are doing on
behalf of women’s health and well-being, the politics of the abortion
movement still invade it on a fundamental level, and they don’t belong

Support breast cancer prevention of the soundest foundation for the whole health and dignity of women.


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