Planned Parenthood turns desire into mandate

Emboldened by whatever victories the abortion movement scored in the
elections last week, Planned Parenthood is flexing more muscle now than
usual. On a global scale.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) 
has issued a new document that declares that governments are obligated
to guarantee a sweeping definition of “sexual rights,” including
abortion, “sexual freedom” and “comprehensive sexuality education,” as
an integral component of human rights. 

The IPPF declaration defines sexual rights as “an evolving concept
that encompasses sexual activity, gender identities, sexual
orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction.” IPPF
differentiates “sexual rights” from “reproductive rights,” a term that
it equates with abortion, specifying that “sexual rights encompass more
than entitlements related to health” and that “many expressions of
sexuality are non-reproductive.”

The IPPF declaration is broken down into a series of ten articles,
each of which lists a series of demands. Under the article on the
“right to life, liberty and security of the person and bodily
integrity,” IPPF includes a right to abortion, stipulating that “no
woman shall be condemned to forced maternity as a result of having
exercised her sexuality” and that all women have a right to safe
abortion services “independently of the objection of health service
providers” - in other words, gutting conscientious objector rights.

Hold on….That “article” starts with the right to life. Which cannot co-exist with the right to abortion.

What about Roe and the Constitution, you might ask.

The Roe Court (especially Blackmun) established the ‘right’
to abortion by tying it to the ‘right’ to privacy. But there is no such
right in the Constitution.

Tortured logic, smoke and mirrors, linguistic sleight of hand…..and a bully pulpit.

IPPF asserts that states have a legal obligation to
“respect, protect and fulfill sexual rights” and that governments are
required “to adopt appropriate legislative, administrative, budgetary,
judicial, promotional and other measures toward the full realization of
the right.”

They’re back at it, having tried and failed before.

The term “sexual rights” has never been included in any
binding United Nations (UN) document. Proponents tried to get it
included in the Platform for Action of the Beijing Women’s Conference
(1995) but 65 governments objected and it was removed. It was tried
again at the Hague Forum leading into the five-year review of the Cairo
Conference and was rejected there, too.

IPPF, however, has already declared that it will do everything it can to safeguard “sexual rights” at future UN conferences.

And it looks like their friends in Congress will help pave the way. Possibly fulfilling Senator Obama’s promises to abortion activists….without having to directly connect Obama.

One of the leading pro-abortion members of the House of
Representatives says Congress will do the dirty work for incoming
president Barack Obama when it comes to funding the UNFPA and forced
abortions. Rep. Carolyn Maloney held a press conference Wednesday
discussing the taxpayer funding.

Maloney told reporters that the Democratic-controlled Congress, run
by abortion advocates, will restore the $40 million annual funding to
the UNFPA with Obama’s support.

“You know the president will have to do nothing,” Maloney said,
according to CNS News. “He will just have to let the will of Congress
go through. One of the changes is that UNFPA will be funded.”

Maloney’s press conference coincided with a new United Nation’s
report on population and she told reporters that a major change in
attitude towards the pro-abortion United Nations will come into play
with Obama in the White House.

“This report could not be more timely,” CNS reporting Maloney saying.

As in….the week after the people no longer had a choice?

She said she is “thrilled” with the new pro-abortion
direction the Obama administration will take and said the United States
will no longer “impose our own ideology” against abortion.

If Congress or the Obama administration restore the UNFPA funding,
Douglas Johnson, the legislative director for National Right to Life,
tells it would be looking the other way at a federal law
prohibiting the funding of groups that are involved in forced abortion

“Since 1985, U.S. law has prohibited funding any organization that
supports a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization,”
Johnson explained.

“The UNFPA has been a cheerleader for, and participant in, China’s
coercive population control program. In order to restore funding to the
UNFPA, Obama will have to turn a blind eye to the law,” Johnson added.

Which is exactly what he did to the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act each time it came up for a vote. It’s one of the things we hope will
change. (And some of the “we” include pro-life Democrats who won their
elections based on their conservative values, and helped the party gain
the majority in Congress.)


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