Population replacement, demography’s most divisive dimension, is a global issue

Demographic replacement is nothing new. Ask the Carthaginians. How about American Indians? Could Australian Aboriginals and Rohingya Muslims weigh in as well? Prussians? Palestinians? There are myriad examples. This sordid business ever bedevils us.


Cyprus is swamped. With the EU’s highest per capita rate of asylum seekers, half of the school children in Europe’s only divided capital, Nicosia, are of migrant background.

Turkish forces invaded Cyprus in 1974, occupying 36 percent of the island, ostensibly to protect ethnic Turks. Over 170,000 Greek Cypriots were forced to leave occupied areas, an ethnic cleansing not seen in Europe since the aftermath of World War II. Today Cyprus has 1.2 million people. According to The European Conservative, the migrant crisis is “leading to the demographic replacement of the island’s native population.” Nobody voted for this.

The occupied northern part of Cyprus… has been a victim of Turkey’s policies aiming to erase its Greek and Christian identity since 1974. These policies include the influx of illegal settlers from Turkey, the illegal deployment of around 40,000 Turkish soldiers, the systematic annihilation of the Greek cultural and religious heritage, the unlawful seizures of lands and properties from their rightful owners, and the illegal alteration of the original Greek names of geographical locations (such as towns and villages) into Turkish, among others.

[T]he government of Cyprus said that this illegal immigrant crisis was creating “significant demographic change,” “ghettoisation in urban areas,” and “acute socio-economic effects.”

The native Greek population… is currently facing demographic replacement by Muslim migrants… The Republic of Cyprus needs concrete support from the West to preserve its indigenous demography and millennia-long Greek civilization.

According to the Interior Ministry’s Costas Constantinou, “Our country’s capacity to host migrants has long been surpassed. We are overflowing.” In 2021 the government announced that Cyprus was in a “state of emergency.” Migrant facilities were overwhelmed. Cyprus begs the EU for help. The tsunami continues.

Initially migrants were ferried by Turkey to Northern Cyprus, then shunted into the UN buffer zone. In 2022 the EU officially condemned Turkey for exploiting immigration for political purposes: “[T]he EU has recognised the instrumentalisation or ‘weaponisation’ of migration by Turkey through the Green Line.”

That led to a shift in tactics. In 2023 “irregular arrivals by sea” increased more than 300 percent and boat landings more than doubled.

In Cyprus there are more than 30 percent more asylum applications than births. The UN’s World Population Prospects says native Cypriot fertility (1.3 last year) has fallen every year since 1983.

Subcontinental strife

A recent Kashmir Media Service report levelled explosive allegations against India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Per Pakistan’s UrduPoint.com:

Modi Forcing Systematic Demographic Change In Muslim Majority IIOJK: Report [Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir].

In line with its settler colonial agenda, Modi regime is settling outsiders in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir to change the territory’s demography and annihilate the Kashmiris’ identity.

Ethnic and religious strife pervades the Hindu Kush, stemming from disputes arising during the bloody Partition of India (1947) following dissolution of the British Raj.

In 1990 a Muslim-led rebellion resulted in 250,000 Kashmir Pandit (Hindu) refugees. In 2019 India’s Hindu nationalist government abrogated the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir, abolishing their authority to set residency requirements. Now Hindus are moving in, boosting the ideology of Hindutva, aka “Hindu supremacy.”

The Modi government’s policy was largely unnoticed in the West, but not elsewhere. Al Jazeera: “Kashmir Muslims fear demographic shift as thousands get residency” --

Up to 25,000 people granted domicile certificates raising fears of the beginning of demographic change in Kashmir.

Religious tensions run high in India. Muslim fertility rates exceed those of majority Hindus, but the gap is closing as India now has below-replacement fertility (2.0). Projections are that India’s Muslim population will not reach 20 percent by 2100. Nonetheless, many Hindus fear they are gradually being replaced by Muslims. The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stokes these concerns. Every week sees violent Hindu-Muslim confrontations.

The Kashmir report fans the flames of a dangerous situation:

It said that Modi was forcing a systematic demographic change in the Muslim majority territory by allotting IIOJK’s land to Indian citizens and investors.

The report urged the international community to stop the Modi regime from altering the demographic composition of the Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir.

A Srinagar resident commented: “The decision to provide non-Kashmiri residents with a domicile certificate is certainly the beginning of the end. This is the beginning of Kashmir becoming another Palestine.”[Emphasis added]

Speaking of Palestine

Will the Gaza war expand?

Israeli carpet bombing of Gaza in response to the Hamas uprising has been called genocide. It does seem that ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is on the agenda. The animus is mutual: Many Palestinians want the ethnic cleansing of Jews. This is all about demographic replacement. Reprehensible.

Tribes have been warring in the Levant (and everywhere else) for millennia. Ethnic cleansing and forced resettlement are replacement theory in practice. Merely discussing these issues can arouse emotions that bring out the worst in us.



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Not surprisingly, there is growing sentiment across Europe that a replacement via mass immigration is underway.

In 2017 the Pew Research Center released a study headlined: “Europe’s Growing Muslim Population -- Muslims are projected to increase as a share of Europe’s population – even with no future migration”.

The study revealed that in 2016, about one in twenty people in Europe were Muslims. France was almost 9 percent Muslim, Sweden just above 8 percent, Germany and the UK at over 6 percent. Pew presented low, medium and high migration scenarios. Almost eight years later, the high migration scenario is underway:

Discussion of these concerns came in from the shadows when far-left French writer and gay activist Renard Camus published Le Grand Remplacement (2011). The book’s thesis is that mass immigration of (mostly Muslim) non-Europeans coupled with below-replacement native European natality could result in “genocide by substitution.”

Also, the ethnic-racial composition of Europe is noticeably changing. That concerns many. Only in the West is it controversial to say so. A 2021 Harris Interactive survey found that roughly two-thirds of the French shared Camus’s concerns. But his ideas have also been used to justify mass murder by racially motivated terrorists. Camus has been branded a racist conspiracy-monger. Such ad hominem opprobrium forecloses the possibility of polite public discourse, which could come back to haunt us. Civility is the better course.

*   *   *   *

Demography is the most fascinating subject! It impacts everyone everywhere! It can also be fraught with controversy, which should be addressed head-on. As Thomas Jefferson said, “There is not a truth existing which I fear, or would wish unknown to the whole world.” In that spirit: there is not an issue pertinent to demography that we should not discuss openly, candidly and in good humour.

We’ve had a blessed Eastertide here in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, thankfully devoid of demographic-related distress. Never take tranquility for granted. Let us all pray for peace.

“The great replacement” is a controversial theory. What do you think?

Louis T. March has a background in government, business, and philanthropy. A former talk show host, author, and public speaker, he is a dedicated student of history and genealogy. Louis lives with his family in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Image credit:  Refugees arriving in Greece from Turkey in 2016 / Bigstock 


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  • Paul Bunyan
    commented 2024-04-14 11:08:27 +1000
    David – Israel is obsessed with getting their birth rate up. That leaves them less money to spend on making live better for everyone, or addressing the primary causes of terrorism (poverty and, ironically, high birth rates).

    The reason Bangladesh saw a massive improvement in quality of life, poverty and crime over recent decades is due to one thing: lower birth rates.

    The same thing happened to Thailand. The country thrived while the Philippines languished as its population continued to skyrocket.
  • David Page
    commented 2024-04-14 11:04:57 +1000
    Mrs Cracker. It is quit obvious that vIsrael is only interested in land and water. Everything else is just shine.
  • Paul Bunyan
    commented 2024-04-10 09:25:11 +1000
    What are you implying, mrscracker? Do you think women should be oppressed and uneducated so they pop out half a dozen kids?
  • mrscracker
    Tell us how you really feel about women, Mr. Bunyan.
  • mrscracker
    Israeli forces have no interest in eradicating Palestinians. They are attempting to eradicate Hamas. Hamas is a criminal cartel acting as mercenaries for Iran. Hamas could care less about Palestinian lives & no one should accept casualty figures from a cartel that profits from every supposed civilian death. They’ve been running a scam for decades growing wealthy off of humanitarian aid & siphoning off funds to build tunnels & buy weapons.
    Palestinians deserve much better.
  • Alifa Saadya
    commented 2024-04-09 19:11:19 +1000
    I have the strongest objection to your reference of Israeli “carpet bombing” of Gaza, and the suggestion that Israel is engaged in “ethnic cleansing.” As military observers such as Britain’s Col. Kemp and the U.S.‘s John Spencer, have noted, Israel has done more to try to protect civilians than any army known to history. You make no mention of the fact that there are still more than 100 Israelis and dual-citizenship persons held hostage or dead at the hands of Hamas, nor that it is clear over several decades that Hamas has used hospitals, schools, and religious institutions, particularly mosques as sites to store weapons and from which to launch rockets — indiscriminate bombing, and a war crime.
    No Israeli wanted this war. Many Israelis had over the years offered friendship and aid to the Arabs in Gaza. In return they spit in our faces, as they did after every attempt at negotiation to establish a Palestinian state.
    Do something useful and pray that the Arabs under the Palestinian Authority should have a better government. I don’t expect anyone to start loving Jews, but as someone who has worked with Palestinian Arabs over many years, I really wish them a better life.
  • Paul Bunyan
    commented 2024-04-09 15:48:02 +1000
    Birth rates tend to only be high when education is terrible. And also in cultures where women do not feel able to “say no” to their partner because of entrenched patriarchy and societal expectations to produce many children.


    When women can’t obtain a stable career due to systemic levels of educational failure, they’re likely to have children to chain men to them, so they’ll have someone who will work to support them for the rest of their lives.
  • Louis T. March
    published this page in The Latest 2024-04-09 14:51:44 +1000