Prepare for the coming Ice Age


Saw this last night while browsing news headlines and grabbed the link, it’s so
startling. In fact, it’s turning up on radio talk shows today because
it’s such a jaw dropper.

The earth is now on the brink of entering another Ice
Age, according to a large and compelling body of evidence from within
the field of climate science. Many sources of data which provide our
knowledge base of long-term climate change indicate that the warm,
twelve thousand year-long Holocene period will rather soon be coming to
an end, and then the earth will return to Ice Age conditions for the
next 100,000 years.

Okay, this is Pravda, after all, and they can have some pretty wacky
news stories. After all, aren’t we all invested now in meeting the
perils of global warming?

Ice cores, ocean sediment cores, the geologic record,
and studies of ancient plant and animal populations all demonstrate a
regular cyclic pattern of Ice Age glacial maximums which each last
about 100,000 years, separated by intervening warm interglacials, each
lasting about 12,000 years.

So, time’s up on that trend?

Sure seems like it this winter. Weather predictions today are warning Chicagoans (among other regions)
of a coming arctic blast today, which follows the latest snowstorm that
dumped about another foot of the heavy white stuff here a couple of
days ago. ‘Siberian express’….it’s coming from Russia.


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