It's wrong to play the transgender pronoun game

I’m a parent of a “trans-identified” teen, so the pronoun dilemma is close to home for me. However, as a society, we cannot tackle this issue only when it impacts us personally -- we need to band together as a society to say no to this toxic ideology, and saying no to pronouns is a critical part of this process.

Here’s why I don’t put pronouns in my email signature (and you shouldn’t either)…

Psychological abuse

People who promote “using pronouns” claim “for a cisgender person, it costs you nothing.” They claim it normalises the process of “transitioning” for someone else and somehow makes the environment “safer”.

It is true that this normalises a process, but it’s not a process that should be normalised or taken lightly, especially for minor children. It makes the environment more dangerous. When people “use their pronouns”, they have been duped into thinking that they are merely “supporting” people who are different from them.

In fact, they are promoting an aggressive and triumphalist cult ideology, normalising the abnormal, and gaslighting the easily influenced young, leading them down a path of irreparable harm.

Warped body image

At the height of the anorexia epidemic, adults did not announce our “allyship” by including our weight in our email signatures. Encouraging a social contagion makes it worse and it is worse still when trusted adult authorities endorse it.

It hurts vulnerable young people like my daughter, who became trans-identified at school, where teachers kept us in the dark then disregarded our concerns. In the epidemic of Trans Ideology, misguided allyship puts kids on a path that leads to unnecessary medical procedures resulting in sterility and regret.


New religions never say they are a religion -- what they say is that they have discovered The Truth. And, once the mind and heart are won over, adherents will do anything to their bodies in the name of the True Faith. This must stop.

These are the words of a new cult religion’s catechism, not of science:

“They”: when applied to one person

“Deadname”: the name given, with love, by the people who gave you life

“Cisgender”: to describe someone who is not confused about his/her sex. Don’t refer to yourself as “cis-gender.” That’s another made-up term. Another lie. Simply using it reinforces the Big Lie of gender theory. You are a woman or a man, female or male, period. If someone else refers to you as cis-gender, take offense. “Don’t slap your label on me.”

”Transgender”: a euphemism now used to describe a tragically confused person who thinks he or she is trapped in “the wrong body”. This now includes a large number of young people. Let’s reject this term and return to the descriptive term “transsexual” for someone who has struggled with a serious psychological problem and surgeries, and deserves our compassion, but not our indulgence.

Our society might reasonably be accepting of some people eventually undergoing medical “transitions” after their brains are fully developed -- possibly the best of bad options for some of the truly dysphoric mentally ill. But, we all know brains are not fully developed before age 26.

Societal implications

There are societal consequences to agreeing and going along with euphemisms, new-speak, and pronouns:

  • That US Assistant Health Secretary Richard (“Rachel”) Levine is our nation’s First Female Four Star Admiral
  • That we should hire confused people to work in positions of authority in our county, state, and national health systems
  • That Wil(Lia)m Thomas is a girl swimmer
  • That schools should deliberately lie to parents about their gender programs, and that an underaged girl should secretly be called “he” in school, then quickly proceed to cross sex hormones and double mastectomies -- paid for by insurance -- without parental consent or even knowledge if she is 16.

When you play along with an evil game, what happens to you?

“When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity.

To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”

-- Theodore Dalrymple Note: Since this essay was written, Colin Wright penned an excellent op-ed about this topic for the Wall Street Journal.

Republished with permission from Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT).


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