Questions about historic precedence

Virtually everyone has graciously acknowleged the momentous occasion of America electing the first African-American president.

Now that all the media buzz is about the Democrats’ control of
government and liberals’ plans for wielding it and Obama’s likely
cabinet choices…..time to ask some questions. 

KJ has some good ones at NRO.

A black man was elected president Tuesday. That makes
history. However: Would we — MSNBC and everyone else — be celebrating
it as a historic moment if a right-wing woman named Sarah Palin were
vice-president-elect today? Would we — MSNBC and everyone else — be
celebrating it as a historic moment if a right-wing Mormon named Mitt
Romney were elected president today? I have my doubts.

No doubt. We know the answers.

With few exceptions, Sarah Palin was attacked by liberal
feminists and the Left. That she was a woman didn’t make a difference
in their lives except to be a massive threat to their power. America
didn’t gather round and celebrate Clarence Thomas, when he was
nominated to the Supreme Court 17 years ago. That, too, was about

There’s the point that’s been bothering me in this celebration. Yes,
young African-American children can now look at Obama and aspire to
high levels of achievement in America’s hierarchy. But the media did
not help them realize that when Justice Clarence Thomas was elevated to
the Supreme Court. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was certainly not
held up to them for her achievement. How about Gen. Colin Powell?
Congressman J.C. Watts? Lt. Gov. Michael Steele?

They weren’t liberal icons. They’re values didn’t mesh with the liberal media’s ideology.

Barack Obama, I submit, was — with few exceptions — about ideology.

Especially abortion, in the extreme…

another issue that hurts blacks in a virtual genocide, arguing even in defense of infanticide.

What else can you honestly call partial-birth abortion? That would
be covered under the ‘Freedom of Choice Act’ Obama promised NARAL he
would sign if elected.

So here’s another question. Now that some very prominent Catholic
scholars who claim to be ‘pro-life Catholics for Obama’ have helped him
get elected through their influence, will President Obama be influenced
by their pro-life ideas?

Didn’t he just prove that anything is possible in America?


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