RACE: a four-letter word guaranteed to offend everyone

Told a couple of folks I was going to write about race. “Don’t go there,” said one. “Leave it alone,” said the other. ‘Nuff said. I couldn’t resist.

America is obsessed with race. That is just how we live. Social justice warriors and woke media – that’s just about all US media – keep the subject in front of us 24/7. You can’t escape it. Identity politics is race-based. Every day brings horror stories of racial discrimination, racial preferences, Black Lives Matter, White privilege, racial reparations, cancelling and confrontations in the streets, courts, universities and elsewhere over matters having to do with race.

The racial angle is everywhere.

  • The Washington Post Sports section tells us that “‘Race-norming’ kept former NFL players from dementia diagnoses. Their families want answers.
  • The National Institutes of Health reports on “Racial Differences in Perceived Food Swamp and Food Desert Exposure and Disparities in Self-Reported Dietary Habits”
  • The Associated Press notes that “People of colour more exposed to heat islands, study finds.”
  • Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, beloved figures on American supermarket shelves, were cancelled, their smiling faces having suddenly been deemed racist.
  • The professional football team in our nation’s capital is no longer the Washington Redskins, that term after nearly a century having been discovered to be racist.

Some of the same people who blow a cork about race tell us that race really doesn’t exist, arguing that it is merely a “social construct.” Yet they track racial statistics obsessively.

Here are a few such US race-related stats. In the 1960 Census, America was 88.6 percent White, and almost all the rest were Black.  The brand new state of Hawaii provided a few Asians.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 changed everything. It abolished the National Origins Formula with immigration based on the composition of the existing population and opened immigration to the world.  Why was this done? The old system was deemed racially discriminatory. The real reason? Cheap labour.

Thus the 2020 Census is quite different. It has the US at 61.5 percent White, 18.7 percent Hispanic or Latino, 13.4 percent Black, 7.0 percent Asian, 2.0 percent American Indian or Alaska Native, 1.4 percent Some Other Race, and 0.4 percent Pacific Islander.  Yes, this adds up to more than 100 percent, but that is because some Hispanic/Latino folks also identify as White, and numerous others also claim dual identities.

The big media takeaway from all this is about what is going on with White folks. One news outlet after another pointed out that in the 2020 Census, for the first time in history, the US White population declined.

According to demographer William Frey of the Brookings Institution, the outright decline in America’s White population has come eight years sooner than projected.He wrote, “Twenty years ago if you told people this was going to be the case, they wouldn’t have believed you… The country is changing dramatically.”

Dramatically and fast.

The White Non-Hispanic category of the US population is now below 60 percent. White population declined in 26 states. The age-18-and-under cohort declined in 31 states and is now majority non-White. 2011 was the first year that non-White births outnumbered White ones. Dr Frey calls this a “cultural generation gap.”

While Census analysts tell us that the US will be majority non-White – aka “majority-minority” – by 2045, that point is likely to be reached much earlier, possibly even by 2030. All US population growth in the last decade has been non-White.

Hispanics comprised 50 percent of US population growth in the last Census. In the last thirty years America’s Hispanic and Asian populations have doubled, and Blacks held steady at around 12.5 percent.

In the last decade the US had the slowest population growth since the first national census in 1790, with the exception of the Great Depression.

As expected, in woke America whenever the subject of race comes up, bigotry rears its ugly head: Here’s a tweet from Michael Moore, American film maker and uber-left superstar:

If the word “White” had been replaced with “Black,” “Asian,” “Hispanic” or “Native American,” Moore would have been banished forthwith to his palatial pad in rural Michigan. Looks like Mr Moore, a White guy, has a problem with White folks. Weird.

The absence of media outrage at Mr Moore and other White-bashers reflects a worrisome double standard. The culture war on Whites (which is being waged by  many Whites themselves) gathers steam by the day. Leftist Critical Race Theory is taught in schools. We hear day-in-and-day-out about racism, which the media would have us believe is an attitude exclusive to Whites. In woke America it is more socially acceptable to have an axe murderer in the family than a racist.

But when somebody bashes White folks, woke moralizers fall silent. Perhaps the fact that the White vote leans solidly Republican has something to do with it. Were it not for White voters, conservatism in the US would be running on fumes.

This profoundly discordant state of affairs spells trouble ahead. Since 1965, too many people from too many places have come too fast to the West. Identity politics meant that assimilation was never an option. Consequently, America is now thoroughly balkanized. There is no longer an American nation. Social cohesion is kaput. Today’s multicultural America is more diabolically divided than ever, at least since the Civil War (1861-1865).

The Austro-Hungarian Empire had so much diversity that interpreters were needed on the floor of parliament. It did not survive the shock of World War I.

What will become of the USA?


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