Random acts of kindness

help London writer and speaker Joanna Bogle finds herself the recipient of help from a stranger in a tight spot. From her blog:

On Tuesday evening, on the Tube, I realised I had lost my wallet - a nightmare as of course it has my cheque-card etc in it, and I was due to travel to the West Country for a speaking engagement... I was anxious about getting home as I had no money for a taxi, and when I telephoned J. about this, a fellow-passenger overheard me and said "Let me help - I'm getting a taxi and would be very happy to get you home!" She insisted and got me safely to my house, refusing all offers of let-me-have-your-address-and-I'll-pay-you-back" etc and we both agreed that I'd simply pass the goodwill on next time I saw some one in need of help... Read more


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