Religion and politics already go together

Some are debating whether they should.

Speaking of which, the new issue of Voices is out, and I’ve got this piece continuing the examination of the state of that union in current affairs.

A snip:

Do faith and politics intersect?
No. They serve the public interest and the common good together.
They are mutually supportive, or are intended to be by the Founding
Fathers. That terminology of the two intersecting has been used in
mainstream media essentially since the 2004 elections when the
Democratic party began to see the need to appeal to the religious vote.
But an “intersection” implies two separate roads meeting at a cross
point, when in fact the Church teaches that faith informs everything we
do. Communications, politics, voting are all moral acts.

Someone’s values, someone’s worldview and vision of what constitutes
morality, will prevail in society. That debate mentioned on Acton’s
site (above) will be interesting when the proponents of a totally
secular society are challeneged to admit or deny that fact.


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