Russia: Tsar Nicholas and Stalin neck and neck for national hero

Nicholas II It’s really hard to work out what is happening in Russia. Most people in the capital believe the execution of Nicholas II of Russia and his family was a crime, according to a poll. Well over half (58.7 per cent) of respondents feel this way, while 27.5 per cent believe the incident was justified by political circumstances.

When asked about the restoration of the monarchy in Russia, 39.6 per cent of respondents say it is unlikely to happen and they would feel negatively about it, while 19.2 per cent also claim it is unlikely to happen but they would feel positively about it. Nearly 30 per cent thought it was likely -- 17.2 per cent of those feeling negatively about it and 12 per cent positively.

On July 17, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna -- a direct descendant of Nicholas II -- said Russians should still consider the restoration of the monarchy. “It gives the nation something eternal they can rely on,” she said. “Forgive me, as head of the imperial house I couldn’t think otherwise, but it’s our people who should choose for themselves.” ~ Angus Reid, July 27

Stranger still, however, is the news that Josef Stalin, the Soviet dictator responsible for the deaths of around 15 million people during his 31-year reign of terror, is second only to Nicholas II at present in online voting for a contest called the Name of Russia. But with a result not expected until the end of the year, the country’s Communists are convinced that Stalin will emerge as the greatest Russian in history. Opinion polls regularly name him Russia’s greatest post-revolution leader -- after Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister.

Weirdest of all, St Petersburg Communists are said to be convinced that the Orthodox Church will declare Stalin, who did everything he could to destroy the church, a saint. The Communists have already commissioned religious icons depicting Stalin with a halo round his head that have reportedly sold very well around the city. ~ The Telegraph (UK), July 22



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