Same old insiders

tempting to use the phrase ‘not the change you counted on’, but….that’s
getting too familiar, overexposed and disappointing.

Sort of like the new administration shaping up to take this nation into…the future?

For these last two years, the picture we have had of our
president-elect has been, without exception, that of a gentleman, proud
yet humble, with an inner centeredness.

Moreover, he surrounded himself with people who seemed much like him.

But now we have moved to the second act. Now we are into the naming
of his first real Cabinet members and closest White House advisers. And
any sensible person simply has to wonder, “What in the very devil is
going on?”

Instead of creating that “government of unity” that he talked about
and positioning the best people for the jobs at hand around him, Barack
Obama is, quite incredibly, appointing some of the nastiest people in
Washington and bringing into his administration some of those
least-talented for the special jobs at hand.

He has begun filling up his administration not with new faces of
2008 but with old visages that we’ve been seeing since the politically
correct cultural revolution of 1968 turned the Democrats into a far and
eternally losing left—exactly what many of the voters who went for
Obama thought they were leaving behind.

Right. Or…left, as the case seems to be.

Geyer asks lots of questions in this piece, probing especially the possibilities of Clinton(s) at State.

She voted for the Iraq War (while Obama was elected
mostly because of his stance against the war). She pushed her husband
not to attack the awful Bosnian massacres because it would call
attention away from her health plan, which, of course, turned out

It is also curious that, in article after article about the Clinton
“leak,” her talents or non-talents were little mentioned. Instead, it
was Bill Clinton who was, again, focused on. Would he—could he—ever
really stand in the background, given his “expressive” personality?
Would his questionable business dealings with countries all over the
world interfere with his wife’s work as secretary? How much would
he—would both of them—outshine even someone as shining as Obama?

But here’s the bottom line:

The American people didn’t vote for Obama to then find
the people they voted against in the positions most closely surrounding


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