Save the baby animals

But by all means, keep it legal and easy to kill baby human beings. Or so says the abortion culture.

Years ago, I heard Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life talk about seeing a sign posted on the beach warning that it’s a
federal offense to kill baby sea turtles. And yet he’s devoted much of
his adult life and his ministry to saving pre-born children from
abortion. That came to mind when I saw a question in my inbox from my
friend Linda asking if anyone could explain this.

Green sea turtles, as well as other sea turtles in
Hawaii, are fully protected under both the federal Endangered Species
Act (see Appendix 2) and under Hawaii state law. These laws prohibit
hunting, injuring or harassing sea turtles or holding them in captivity
without first obtaining a special permit for research or educational
purposes. Swimmers and divers should be aware that riding sea turtles
is illegal as it puts the animals under unnecessary stress. Fines for
violating these laws protecting turtles can be as high as $100,000 and
may even include some time in prison.

Under provisions in the Endangered Species Act, the National Marine
Fisheries Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the State of
Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources have recently formed
a recovery team to help restore Hawaii’s green sea turtle population to
previous levels. The goals of the recovery team are to identify
research, management and enforcement needs for effective sea turtle
conservation in the islands as well as promoting sea turtle protection
through public education programs.

No, Linda, I cannot really understand or explain such incoherence.
But we sure a recovery team to help restore our sensibility about human
life, and public education programs to re-learn what we used to know


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