School lunch war gets serious

Big Brother is watching you. Actually, he’s watching your child, and what she’s about to eat for lunch. Little Susie may even get cited (and publicly shamed) for violation of Trans-fat Bylaw #1029304958474.

I’m kidding about the bylaw; there isn’t one in place (yet) at this Texas school. But they do have hidden camera to spy on kids, and rat out the nutrition content (or lack thereof) in what they buy for lunch.

Using a $2m…grant from the US department of agriculture, schools in San Antonio are installing sophisticated cameras that read barcodes embedded in the food trays. […] Officials will receive information on the nutrient and calorie counts of the food children have consumed.

This goes way beyond schools banning students bringing food from home. But somehow it’s justified because it’s all in the name of stamping out childhood obesity. Who wants to take bets on whether or not this brilliant scheme is going to be effective? Your tax dollars at work, Americans!


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