Schoolboy made millionaire by cashpoint error starts spending spree

Here is another instant millionaire story -- not as edifying as that above. A British teenager who discovered he had an unexplained bank balance of two million pounds (nearly US$4m) was astonished, but, after checking with his friends that his eyes were not deceiving him, he immediately withdrew £300 for an iPod music player and new clothes. The 16-year-old schoolboy very soon found himself £300 in arrears and his mother is furious with the bank for encouraging him to get into debt. She said she was “surprised” when he first got the bankcard.

The boy justified himself by saying that he thought his account was related to the Government's education maintenance allowance (EMA) scheme, under which students get £30 a week to encourage them to stay on at school. His mother added: "I'm powerless to do anything, but will make sure he pays the money back through his EMA bonus.” ~ The Telegraph (UK), July 1



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