Service matters

Kathryn Jean Lopez carries this letter from the Vets for Freedom, to Gen. Wesley Clark.

It’s both a response to Clark’s comments on McCain, and a series of
questions. Here’s a good sample. The quote is from Clark, the followup
from the Vets:

“I don’t think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be President.”
FACT: If serving your country, volunteering for combat, resisting the
enemy, and receiving seventeen decorations for service does count for
anything, then why are you on television, speaking as an “expert” on
national security matters? Your personal attacks came not from a
General with respect for the uniform, but from a political operative
dispatched to attack the military background of a political adversary.

They call Clark to practice honor and nobility, which anyone in the service knows well.

Here’s their site.


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