'She is running against what she might have become'

Hillary Clinton is getting the wrath of her own party’s activists
who have had it with both Clintons and their operatives, whether she’s
feeling it or not.

Here’s the rest of the pull-quote from this article in The Nation by Tom Hayden:

“Too much politics dries the soul of the idealist.”

Recently, Barack Obama made controversial comments about bitter and
angry people in the working middle-class. Looks like there are plenty
of them in his own party, in both campaigns.

To use the current terminology, Hillary people are
bitter people, even more bitter than the white working-class voters
Barack has talked about. Because they circle the wagons so tightly,
they don’t recognize how identical, self-reinforcing and out-of-touch
they are.

And yet, Obama supporters are certainly circling the wagons tightly,
and have been since the Pastor Wright eruption. Hayden’s piece here
sounds passionate about his candidate, but…bitter and angry.

So the dirty laundry is coming out. Raise questions about Obama’s connection to the radical activist Bill Ayers?

Hillary is blind to her own roots in the sixties…She was
in Chicago for three nights during the 1968 street confrontations. She
chaired the 1970 Yale law school meeting where students voted to join a
national student strike again an “unconscionable expansion of a war
that should never have been waged.” She was involved in the New Haven
defense of Bobby Seale during his murder trial in 1970, as the lead
scheduler of student monitors. She surely agreed with Yale president
Kingman Brewster that a black revolutionary couldn’t get a fair trial
in America…

Most significantly in terms of her recent attacks on Barack, after
Yale law school, Hillary went to work for the left-wing Bay Area law
firm of Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein, which specialized in Black
Panthers and West Coast labor leaders prosecuted for being communists.
Two of the firm’s partners, according to Treuhaft, were communists and
the two others “tolerated communists”.

So there. But Hayden’s not done.

It is abundantly clear that the Clintons, working with
FOX News and manipulating old Clinton staffers like George
Stephanopoulos, are trying, at least unconsciously, to so damage Barack
Obama that he will be perceived as “unelectable” to Democratic
superdelegates. It is also clear that the campaign of defamation
against Obama has resulted in higher negative ratings for Hillary
Clinton. She therefore is threatening the Democratic Party’s chances
for the White House, whether or not she is the nominee.

Since no one in the party leadership seems able or willing to
intervene against this self-destructive downward spiral, perhaps
progressives need to consider responding in the only way politicians
sometimes understand. If they can’t hear us screaming at the television
sets, we can send a message that the Clintons are acting as if they
prefer John McCain to Barack Obama.

And commentaries like this one from Hayden are sending that message.
But with the party leadership split between the candidates and
indecisive about the role of Florida and Michigan, and superdelegates
figuring more prominently by the day, there’s no way to tell right now
how the message is being received. Except for the Clinton campaign,
which doesn’t seem to be paying attention.


So, the excruciatingly long days will continue.


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