So let it be done

Seems like every wish President Obama has, for appointments or
legislation or policy changes, need only be expressed somehow to
Congress and quickly and quietly, it gets done.

Recall that Sen. Dianne Feinstein expressed surprise and some
serious concerns over Obama’s choice of Leon Panetta to head the CIA.
Practically overnight, Feinstein (who chairs the Senate Intelligence
Committee), accepted the appointment with no resistence.

Remember that Sen. Harry Reid declared emphatically that the Senate
would not confirm anyone Gov. Rod Blagojevich might name to fill Barack
Obama’s there, once the governor was accused of corruption and his
alleged efforts to sell that seat were under investigation. That
quickly changed to nice press conferences with Reid and newly appointed
senator Roland Burris (who Reid flattered) presumably after the White
House expressed interest in settling the matter.

Of course, there’s the stimulus package, over 1,000 pages of dense
language designating how the largest spending program in US history
will be doled out, and the president insisted it be voted on urgently
and sent to his desk without enough time for anyone to read the bill.
The Senate delivered.

So now President Obama expresses his opposition to the Fairness Doctrine. Though NRO’s Media Blog poses the question of whether his opposition will be enough to stop the
Democratic majority in Congress from pushing it……you have to admit,
that would be new behavior. No one in the party has gone against the
boss yet.

Obama has been adept at beating the opposition on every level. But good for him to object to this attempt to silence them.


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