Stem Cell Research

Reports Monitoring stem cell research | by the President's Council on Bioethics, January 2004

an exceptionally thorough and objective examination of the state of stem cell research by a council headed by Dr Leon Kass.

Quotable articles Harvesting the Unborn: The Ethics of Embryo Stem Cell Research | by Scott Klusendorf

A very useful overview of the debate from a
conservative Protestant standpoint which argues that "There is no
credible evidence that embryonic human beings must lose their lives in
order to save ours."

The Shady Side of Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy | by Stephen Barrett, M.D.

An expose of rogue scientists in Eastern Europe and the Carribean who "cure" patients with embryonic stem cells.

Quick Scientific References: Human Cloning, Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research | by Dianne N. Irving

Excellently document article with citations
from current literature arguing that "the immediate product of sexual
(fertilization) reproduction is a new living single-cell human being".

Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Cloning: Science and Bioethics at a Crossroads | by Martin Clynes

A thoughtful article by an Irish biotechnologist on the ethics of embryo research

The Stem Cell Cover-Up | by Michael Fumento, Insight on the News, May 16, 2004

A polemical defence of adult stem cells as therapies.

News coverage Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics

An excellent compilation of recent stem cell news and op-ed articles from newspapers and magazines

Public opinion Public Agenda Alert | Stem Cells in the Spotlight, 14 October 2004

Taking the pulse of public opinion: polls show woeful ignorance of the issues involved in embryo research

Articles by api7 contributors Ethics as our guide | by Michael Cook, PLoS Biology, June 2004

"Blackburn and Rowley's criticism of a report
on embryonic stem cell research from the President's Council on
Bioethics is puzzling. Where is the bioethics?..."

Has experimenting on human life lost its power to disgust? | by Michael Cook, The Age (Melbourne), 19 August 2003

"It's taken less than two years for us to get used to regarding human embryos as pharmaceutical fodder."

The ethics of research on embryos | by Michael Cook, public address, 19 September 2002

"Fundamentally the debate over embryonic stem
cell research is about what a human person is, what rights a person has
and what respect society owes that person. When people cannot agree on
so fundamental an issue, terrible things can happen."

Taken by our leaders | by Michael Cook, The Australian, 9 April 2002

"LAST week's embryo-politics show brought back
memories of a great philosophical textbook, Star Trek. 'Emotions are
alien to me. I'm a scientist,' Mr Spock would say without a flicker of
a smile..."

Web sites Southern Cross Bioethics Institute

An Australian research institute with useful links and articles


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